As a product manager for I helped take from an idea to help generate leads for contractors accross multiple trades and build a viable, profitable and an impactful bussiness. Since it was a startup I got to implement my designs, marketing, sales and engineering backround throughout the process and worked very closely with all the teams.

My responsibilities included:

  1. Ideation
  2. Creating roadmaps
  3. Creating wireframes
  4. Creating multi platform ad campaigns
  5. creating various market positioning strategies
  6. Creating funtional protoypes
  7. creating design and engineering tickets and making sure everyone meets deadlines to stay consistent with the product roadmap
  8. Constantly looking into market trends and possibilities to implement or collaborate with others
  9. Constatly cutting down our churn rate
  10. Cunducting user interviews with prototype testing
  11. Research research research to create an amazing user experience
  12. working closely with the design team to translate mockups and wireframes
  13. Created scope docs along with design thinking.
  14. worked with the sales managers to help create training guides